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Referrals are made to our programs from various sources, including:

- Withdrawal management services
- Treatment programs
- Social service agencies

- Health service providers
- Individual self-referrals


If you would like to access our Residential Treatment or Housing Programs:


Call Intake and Engagement at (416) 926-8267 ext. 110 to complete the intake application with a member of our staff.

At this point, you will be enrolled in our Engagement program and be asked to attend our Engagement sessions and/or check in weekly with designated program staff. You will receive further written information about our programming.


*Contact us at (416) 926-8267 ext. 110 or if you have any questions.


Click here to read about how we protect your information.



Acceptance and Admissions

Program Fees

1. Applicants are advised as soon as possible by the interviewer as to the outcome of their application.

2. Upon acceptance, there may be a waiting list for applicants depending on availability of space in the program.

3. Please note that detoxification is necessary prior to admission.


There are no fees for our Treatment programs; a valid OHIP card is required for admission.

Room, board, and service fees are required for Transitional Housing programming.

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