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Our Programs


Interested in accessing one of our programs? Call Coordinated Access to Addiction Services (CAAS) at
1 855 505-5045 or talk to us directly by calling

(416) 926-8267,ext. 110

Engages men  interested in seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction. Weekly support groups, one-on-one meetings to help with medical, housing, and legal issues, and starting the intake process for treatment or transitional housing.  

Thirty-day client-driven program that follows an individualised care plan; using cognitive behavioural approaches, psychoeducational programing, experiential learning, meditation, group therapy, grounding techniques and spiritual development. Up to sixty days extended treatment program available.






Transitional housing is offered for up to one year following a treatment program. Clients follow an individualized care-plan that supports community re-connection and independent living.  

Our Place Community of Hope is a drop in program for those who need support within the community. Services are currently suspended, but take away meals are still provided. 

Follow-up program for clients living in the community. Individual and group programming, along with the opportunity for mutual support.

transitional housing program

opcoh: community drop in program

After Care


Our Homes

Our Treatment Program

Transitional Housing

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