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Drop-in and social recreation programming are open and running from 12 noon until 2:30pm, with meals later in the afternoon.  Please click on the calendar link to the left for the schedule. 

Meal service is currently Monday-Friday between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.  Meals can be indoors, for those who provide proof of vaccination, or take-away.

If you have any questions for Our Place staff, please email, message us on Facebook or phone the office at (416) 598-2919

Our Place Community of Hope works to provide a front-line response to those who are living in the community and experiencing mental health issues. The staff assist people in recovery in building skills for independent living and accessing other services and supports.

The staff also work to provide a safe and stable environment for members to meet, connect and build new relationships. Our Place offers a variety of social recreation programs throughout the week, as well as community meals. 


All Our Place programs are voluntary and anyone can join. All Our Place members live with some form of  mental illness, at varying levels of severity. Our Place provides a constant support network, an element which is key in the recovery process.

If you would like more information on Our Place Community of Hope, please see their website here.

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