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Daniel's Journey

Client Stories

Growing up in a well-rounded household, I never understood how I became an alcoholic, but I cannot change that fact now.  As a young man, I showed promise in school, business and athletics, but unfortunately, none of that went as planned. From my first time-consuming alcohol, I seemed to have an inability to stop once I started.  A sickness that those who surrounded me were not afflicted by.  Alcohol was the solution to my problems, and the answer to my anxiety and fears.  

As life brought more responsibility with work, bills and marriage, my reliance on alcohol grew to the point that I was fully physically and mentally dependent by the age of 30.  My road to recovery was a long and painful one.  It took many attempts for me to stay sober.  Over the course of the final four years, I lost pretty much everything that I cared for.  I lost the privilege of employment; home ownership; marriage, and operation of a vehicle.

In January of 2016, I decided to start from scratch and focus all of my energy on getting better.  I attended Alcoholics Anonymous every day until I got a bed in Residential Treatment at St. Michaels Homes.  Jobless, and penniless, I was able to put life’s worries aside.  I worked a daily routine of early morning exercise; household chores; individual counselling; group discussion; structured meal times; prayer and meditation, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the evenings.  St Michaels Homes was there for me, at no cost, when I had nothing to give.




“My road to recovery was a long and painful one.”

Today, two and a half years later, my life is very different from when I walked through the doors of St Michaels Homes.  It is better than I ever would have imagined.  January 14th, 2016, was my last drink, and if I keep doing what I am doing to stay sober, that date shouldn’t change.  At the age of thirty-five, I was finally able to finish my university degree, and I now have a great career working at the University that gave me a second chance.  Outside of work, I now have wonderful relationships with the people in my life, and I owe that directly to my sobriety.



What Clients Say

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The staff and counsellors have been supportive, kind, understanding and most of all gave me a sense of belonging. Without the staff at St. Mikes I am quite certain that I would not feel as strong and positive about my life as I do today. I will carry these people in my heart forever.

I would like to tell you that this program saved my life. By being here as a resident, and learning about my skills and about having faith in spiritual growth – and about learning about changing my life to a better person.

St. Michael’s Homes never gave up hope for me. I am a resident currently involved in their program. I am grateful and I believe that there is a better life ahead for myself. 

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