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Our donors are a huge part of our success!


Thank you for making a difference and thank you for your continued support and commitment. It is important to share these stories to create visibility and awareness of substance use and mental health challenges and the impact these issues have on people, families, and communities. Your contributions help to create hope and demonstrate the impact we can have in the creation of healthier and safer communities throughout Ontario.

Jim’s Story


In the end, our shared work creates more opportunities for men like Jim as he builds a new life in recovery.


For Jim, like so many of our participants, his journey is ongoing. But Jim is on a new path to a brighter future for himself and his children.


Please watch Jim’s message.

Did You Know?

St. Michael’s Homes focuses on programs that offer aid to vulnerable persons seeking an improved quality of life in their recovery from addictions, mental health issues, and social isolation. Your support helps us in so many ways.

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1. Recovery from addiction is not a straight path. St. Michael's Homes' travels with its clients on that journey, by supporting through relapse or slip, to give every individual an opportunity for long term achievement of their goals.

2. Participants in St. Michael's Homes' programs successfully complete programming at a higher rate than the average program, as we support them through challenges, whether they be mental health, trauma or slips on the road to recovery.


3. This success is in the context that we welcome people with the most complex health and social issues (concurrent mental health, physical health, trauma, criminal justice involvement, and chronic homelessness) as we are committed to serving those who face the greatest barriers to accessing care in their recovery from substance use and mental illness.



We are pleased to share the impact our donors and supporters have had on changing lives. If you would like to know more about our work to support vulnerable people in our community who are facing challenges with mental health, substance use, and social isolation, please feel free to reach out to us!

Maryada Sharma

Manager of Administrative Services and Support Services

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Donor Update: A Year in Review


We had a busy year and thanks to our supporters, we have been able to focus on projects and initiatives that have helped us bring awareness to and create tools and resources that address mental health, social isolation and substance use challenges in our community. Did you know that St. Michael’s Homes was able to reach 1,600 people in 2022?

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As we started to come through the COVID-19 Pandemic and we could collectively begin to look outward again, St. Michael’s Homes and our partners were well positioned to focus on our strategic pillars: building our programs, developing strategic partnerships, and enhancing the resources to support our service users. As an important example, St. Michael’s Homes has continued to support and utilize virtual intake and engagement to ensure the individuals that need access to our in person programs and emergency services have timely access. Through the pandemic it was nearly impossible to complete initial engagements and intakes in-person. However, as we still want and need to demonstrate caution, we have continued this strategy for those who are unable or uncomfortable meeting in person. This approach has allowed us to reach beyond the Greater Toronto area.


While all of our in person and residential services continue to operate at full capacity, our team of specialists and our focused approach have also allowed us to adapt our program delivery for some individuals, so they can stay in their home communities while going through the program on their path to recovery in our Virtual Treatment Program. This has also allowed us to extend our addiction services to expand the populations we serve to include women. It has been a successful start and we are considering keeping the blended strategy to reach more people in need of support in Ontario.


If you would like more information on the virtual treatment program, please connect with us directly to find out more.

Maryada Sharma

Manager of Administrative Services and Support Services

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While it is important to celebrate our work and shared impact, there is so much more to be done. As we look ahead to some of the most pressing issues facing our community, one key issue is the expansion of our Psychotherapy Program to serve more individuals. For many of our participants there can be complex inter-connections between trauma, family history, and social isolation that can lead to increased mental health and substance use challenges and can place additional barriers for individuals working to move through these issues to face their past and make healthier choices for themselves. At present, there is limited funding in this area to support the further expansion of the Psychotherapy Program. We will continue to explore funding solutions to ensure we can help more individuals on their personal journey.


Thank you for helping to make 2022 the most productive yet. On behalf of the entire team of volunteers and employees here at St. Michael’s Homes, thank you for support of the vulnerable men facing substance use challenges. Without our supporters, many face this alone and stay stuck in a cycle of addiction and harm. So, thanks! You’ve had a positive impact!


Please watch for our Holiday Appeal and we hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe, and we look forward to connecting again.


Together, we will continue to make a difference!


Robin Griller,

Executive Director

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