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Thank You! Together, we raised $8,300

This year the focus of the Holiday Appeal was to raise $15,000 to support the purchase of much needed kitchen equipment to help us bring back an in-person dinner service for our residents in our four homes in Toronto. The support from our donors goes a long way in helping us off-set the cost of the purchase four steam tables and trays, so that Amber and her team can keep food hot and safe during in-person food service. 


Thanks to our community of supporters, we will be able to begin in-person food service in March 2024.

For so many of our patrons, good food is a luxury in their everyday lives or something they have never really known. Access to good food is an important part of the journey. And meals shared together build a sense of belonging and can help residents feel connected to each other and the recovery process. 


In these challenging economic times, we are very grateful for the generosity of our donors. If you are able to help us get closer to our goal, please know it will have lasting impact. 


Remember Amber? Please watch her video to hear more about her work. 


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Did you know?

St. Michael’s Homes focuses on programs that offer aid to some of Toronto’s most vulnerable persons seeking an improved quality of life in their recovery from addictions, mental health issues, and social isolation. Your support matters! Thank you! 


Recovery from addiction is not a straight path. St. Michael's Homes' travels with its clients on that journey, by supporting through relapse or slip, to give every individual an opportunity for long term achievement of their goals. 


Participants in St. Michael's Homes' programs successfully complete programming at a higher rate than the average program, as we support them through challenges, whether they be mental health, trauma or slips on the road to recovery. 


This success is in the context that we welcome people with the most complex health and social issues (concurrent mental health, physical health, trauma, criminal justice involvement, and chronic homelessness) as we are committed to serving those who face the greatest barriers to accessing care in their recovery from substance use and mental illness. 


We are pleased to share the impact that our donors and supporter have in changing lives. We have included a PDF of our 2023 Impact Report. 

Thank you for your support on our Holiday Appeal!

If you would like to know more about our work or would like to donate, please reach out: 


Danna Gomez 

Assistant, Operations 

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